Sunday, 23 July 2017

Top 5 Android Apps for housewives-cum-moms

Housewives are that employees who work 24*7, and are ready for a call even at midnight.  Still at times children misinterpret that housewives or their moms don’t work a lot during a day. Or maybe they are used to see working in an old and boring manner. So it’s time to take a step forward and feel the fast and furious life of their children in their very primitive manner. Androids gadgets are the most adaptable gadgets in the market, and for the same reason I have come up with the best Android apps that would helps Moms to be Supermoms and Wives to be Hi-Tech wives.

Following is lists of the most accessible Apps that can make wives/moms fly their imaginations with a great speed:


Does your husband puts you down, when you ask him to pick things from the grocery shop on his way? Or he gives some foolish reasons to just hide himself and his mistakes. I can understand these may be mistakes but it makes you handicapped. But such days are gone as OurGroceries is there to help you in all such circumstances. Now your husband won’t be forgetting as you can make up a list of different things and grocery shops and send it to your husband’s Android. The best feature of the app is that just type the name of recopies and the needed list of needed ingredients will be in your hand.

So now all your groceries are just a click away with OurGroceries.


Is it wrong to be a Spartan? I don’t think so. And when it comes to moms they are the masters of being frugal. Then Shopsavvy is the best app I can think for a budget holder. You just need to attune the picture of a barcode and then this app will chase all the corners of internet to compare the price and bag out the cheapest one for you.

This is a fantastic app to take outlet mall shopping, this is a magic stick for you, just name the product and you can get the best available deal. This app is not only moms favourite but it can be anyone’s wish who love to do an economical shopping.


Jorte doesn’t do anything new that you don’t know, it’s yet another organizer app for you. But it’s the one you need the most to keep your thoughts and plans organized. The best about it is its simplicity. You can undoubtedly make it as your personal organizer; it has an unexpectedly attractive interface with a pink, red and lavender-ish colour scheme. Organizing generally is attractive but it compels you more when it’s alluring. Also it provides you with top cleft-touch functionality, making it as your sole choice.

Mom 2 Be:

Are you expecting new cheers and smiles lying in your laps? Then this is the best app for you. Mom2be will send you the growth status your love in your womb and also weekly tips. Also it allows you to make some entries’ which you can cherish with your family and friends.

Name Culture:

This app helps you when you are expecting or you are planning your family. To decide the name of your child is the first thing that you do when you think of family planning. And when you are already expecting you get 1000s of names but it always keeps you abashed. Naming your baby is the toughest a work a mom does. This app is appropriate to put you out of this problem. This naming app stands out above other Android naming apps that simply provide a laundry list of the 5,000 most popular girls and boys names. NameCulture provides you with the name and also their appropriate meanings and allows users to search for names by these criteria. And the best part this App is free for use.Try these Apps and you can get the title of a HI-TECH SUPERWOMAN.

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