Sunday, 23 July 2017

5 Cloud Computing Apps that are Better than Dropbox

The term cloud computing refers to a broad range of services. However, if you ask an average consumer about the most popular cloud computing app, chances are he or she would instantly recall Dropbox. Drobox is the most widely used cloud storage service, yet there are plenty more fish in the wide cloud computing sea that can deliver even better cloud functionality.

Google Drive

Famous for its excellent integration with other Google services such as Gmail and Google Docs, Google Drive is frequently the first cloud storage solution Google fans turn to. As opposed to Dropbox which offers only 2GB of free storage space, Goolge Drive provides users with 5GB of storage per free account. Apart from this, Google Drive offers better collaboration features, allowing multiple users to edit documents in real time. Moreover it includes various sharing options and supports different file types.


Just like Google Drive, SugarSync offers 5GB of free storage, which is again a lot more than what you get in Dropbox. In addition to this, SugarSync’s new interface is almost as intuitive as Dropbox’s but still offers some more advanced features. The main advantage of SugarSync is that it allows you to sync ANY folder from your computer, whereas in Dropbox you can neither can sync the whole folders, nor any documents outside the Dropbox folder. In addition to this, the synced folders in SugaSync can be shared with the people you choose, which makes it a much better app in terms of sharing.


If you’re an Apple device user, your logical choice of a cloud computing app should definitively be iCloud. iCloud allows you to edit, store and sync your Pages across multiple Apple devices. It is probably the best solution for those who enjoy having their music and video files always with them. iCloud allows you to access all your past iTunes purchases without syncing, and it automatically downloads the new ones. In addition to this, you can automatically upload photos from your iPhone and they will be instantly synced with all the other Apple devices you use.


The new metro style Microsoft has introduced with the release of Windows 8 is also applied to its cloud storage service – SkyDrive. Besides its smooth new look and feel, Skydrive offers plenty of document management features that are particularly convenient for Microsoft Office users. This excellent integration may come very handy to business users who want to keep their most important Office documents always with them. Finally, SkyDrive gives you as much as 7GB of free storage space, which is far more than what the other competitive apps offer.


Formerly known as, Box is another cloud computing app that is convenient for both private and business users. It offers 5GB of free storage and lots of sharing and collaboration features. Box’s target market are companies and it upgrades its service in line with the needs of business users. However, it is as intuitive and easy to use as Dropbox. Last year’s Box technology upgrade, Box Accelerator, significantly increased file upload speed, beating Dropbox in this respect.

Whichever cloud computing app you chose to download, you will surely get quite a lot of file management options. Most users are still loyal to Dropbox because of its simple interface they got used to. However, if you want more from your personal cloud, you should definitively consider using the other services, as well. After all, they are free and don’t require you to have any special tech skills to use them.

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