Sunday, 23 July 2017

Full Information on Apple's Small Ipad

What’s this? More iPad rumors? Rumors about Apple products never end, but they’re always interesting to look into because most of the time, these rumors actually become true.

For example, take the case of the new iPad. Many speculated that it wouldhave a better resolution than the iPad 2, and at least match up with the sharper resolutions of Android tablets. But Apple did better than that – they surpassed the screen quality of Android tablets – one feature of the new iPad that’s seen a huge bulk of advertising.

Despite the release of the new iPad, rumors about another one don’t seem to stop. While iPad rumors can get redundant, rumors about a ‘mini iPad’ have been here since day one, and no one is stopping.

In fact, rumors are getting stronger now than ever before. What is it about this mini iPad that has people clamoring for it?

Would you sell your old iPad for these rumors? If they are all true, then it’s definitely worth it. So what are the rumored features of the mini iPad? Let’s take a look.

Screen Size

Of course, the name ‘mini iPad’ draws images of a smaller sized iPad. How small, exactly?

While there’s no exact measurement around, rumors strongly point to 7 inches, with 8 inches being the maximum.

A smaller screen size is definitely great, since it will signify a change of pace for Apple, hopefully for the better. The smallerscreen can entice people who are hesitant of buying tabletsbecause of its bulky size.

The smallerscreen can also entice users that own 7-8 inch Android tablets looking for another alternative. Let’s face it, Android is prone to bugs and other problems, despite the joy of being open source software.

Retina Display

In the new iPad, a dramatically improved display was unveiled. It featured Apple’s Retina Display, a feature wherein pixelsare broken down into smaller pixels so that the human eye can’t distinguish anything.

This technology has been seen already in the iPhone 4, 4S and the latest iPod touch. It definitely looks great, especially with the new iPad.

If this feature finds its way into the new iPad, Apple surely has another hit for their record books. They can probably dominate the competition introduced by other popular 7 inch tablets, such as the Amazon Kindle Fire and the 7-8 inch versions of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.


When the new iPad was released, it had 4G LTE. This makes the new iPad Apple’s first true 4G device. If this feature will be found in the mini iPad, it’ll be a sure hit.

4G LTE allows amazing download speeds wherever it is present. If not, you’ll be conveniently assigned to HSPA+ or 3G.


In the next part, we’ll look at more features that the mini iPad will have. Should you get an iPad trade in? Let’s find out.

We’ll tackle rumors such as pricing, software and other things related to the mini iPad.

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