Sunday, 23 July 2017

Mobile Applications That Help You Manage and Save Money

When the mobile phone was first introduced to the world, it was merely a means of communicating on the go; a convenience. Today the scene has changed. A mobile phone is an extension of your personality; your personal assistant, your organizer, music player camera and financial advisor all rolled into one. Let’s take a look see at some of the apps that help in financial management:

  • BillMinder: One of the earliest apps in iTunes, it’s also one of the best. It keeps track of the date and amount of your bills. So, you never need miss due dates or pay fines. Ever.
  • Ask Ramsey is based on Ramsey’s radio talk show on how to manage your money best. Packed with money FAQs, this is a financial reference tool.
  • Cellfire forwards deals on groceries to your phone (Blackberry also). You can search local supermarkets and download coupons to your loyalty card. Discounts are reflected at check out.
  • RedLaser/ShopSavvy can scan barcodes and check for best prices on the web, if you just point your phone at the barcode. The former app is for Androids and iPhones, the latter for Google Android and Motorola.
  • iPhone Shopper and SmartShopper(BB) helps you keep tab of your grocery bill as you shop. Cross items off your list as you shop and enter the prices, and you get a running total. Helps you stick to your budget and customize lists according to store layouts.
  • Mint (iPhone) and Personal Assistant (BB) helps keep track of your bank accounts, transactions and balances.
  • CardStar (iPhone) can store membership numbers for more than 350 stores (CVS, Petco, etc). At check out, your phone is scanned, and rewards are added.
  • Abukai Expenses simplifies preparing expense reports. Just go lights, camera, click with your receipts and Abukai will do the rest. Is that cool or what? You will get an Excel sheet report in your mail.
  • AirFare on iPhone helps you find, you got it, cheap flights!
  • Use ATM Hunter to locate your bank ATMs close to you and avoid charges at other bank ATMs.
  • Cheap Gas: Pretty self explanatory huh?
  • Bloomberg App helps you keep track of the stock market while you’re on the go.
  • Happy Hour App: Cheers!
  • AroundMe Use this app to find out what’s available in the location you’re at, so you don’t spend money traveling for something.
  • Local Sale Finder finds the latest sales happening in your locality.
  • Wi-Fi Finder searches for free WiFi in your location.
  • Nosey Parker helps locate closest free parking.
  • eReader delivers free reading material to your phone.

There are several more pretty similar to those I’ve mentioned. So, now you know what kind of money saving and management is possible with you mobile phones. Go ahead and start using them.

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